How to Remove and Replace Hyundai Palisade badges

Don’t worry! It’s not difficult at all. If you’d like to remove the standard Hyundai badges and replace them with high-end luxury badges, you basically need to use fishing line or dental floss to separate the 3M double sided tape from between the vehicle paint and badge itself. From there, the badge(s) should be ready to fall off. Any remaining double sided tape can be removed with bug and tar remover or products like Goo Gone.

To install new badges, make sure the surface where you’re applying the new badge is completely clean. Then, peel the paper away from the double sided tape on the new badge – and place it where it’s supposed to go. Give it some pressure for as long as you can. 30 seconds to a minute should be fine.

This page will grow with more information in time. For now, these are the basics…