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  1. Goldie

    Maps showing OFFLINE mode only!!

    Hi everyone how are you guys doing? So I have a 2021 Hyundai Palisade ultimate calligraphy. For a week or so, my navigation doesn’t show online mode, like traffic etc. Whenever I set a destination, it says only available in offline mode. I am attaching a picture here for quick reference. Is it...
  2. tmohani

    New Map version 14.5 --vs-- Map Update 143U5W

    Hello, I have the ultimate trim. Anyone has any idea if I should be installing the 14.5 Map update scheduled to be released tomorrow, 25th Aug 2020, or install the prior version 143U5W released back on 27th Apr 2020. Any advantages or glitches between both versions? Which one would be better...