Infotainment screen very slow on startup

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Hi everyone. We bought our new Palisade SEL Premium two weeks ago. We love it. My question is on the infotainment screen (center dash). Upon vehicle start up most of the time it takes 15-20 seconds to boot up. We've even had the reverse camera blink off and on and the sensors not even show up a couple times. The sensor area won't show up most of the time if I don't wait long enough for the system to finish booting up. Sometimes, (rarely), it boots up instantly. Also it never comes up on the radio or map which is what we usually have up when we turn the car off. Is this what the rest of you are experiencing, or do we have a problem with ours? I shouldn't have to wait to use reverse and the sensors work. And it would be nice if it started up with the radio or map coming up on start up without swiping and choosing something from the menu. Thank you for you help.


2021 Silver Lagoon SEL with bench seat
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I do not have that at all. I think it sounds as if you have a problem and should bring it back to the dealer to check into.
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