Liftgate Trim Lights

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Does anyone happen to know if the stock wiring/connectors for the liftgate trim lights that are usually found on the 2020 Limited and 2021 Calligraphy are generally present on other models? These are the lights on the liftgate that are next to the tail lights but are just unlit silver trim on other models. When I look at the parts list I don't see the lighting harness called out and it doesn't even show the differences in the parts for the lights/trim between the models. I'm wanting to install these lights on my 2021 Limited. I can purchase the stock lights online but can't see anything with regards to the wiring. I hoping not to have to disassemble my lift gate just to find out. I'm fine if I just have to get a different harness but can't identify a part number if in fact they are different. Any help is appreciated.

This is the light I am reffering
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I recently replaced the silver trim piece (the non lighted version of what you’re showing there) on my SEL. Unfortunately I didn’t think to check and see if there’s a wire connector in there when I swapped it. If you go to the exterior forum you’ll find the thread and pics I posted. If you wanted to check yourself it’s not too difficult to remove the trim piece and look inside the lift gate.