Palisade Armrest with Quilted Design Available - Beige is Now Available!

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Do you make a Right hand drive version in Beige Napper Leather for Australian' versions of the Palisade? If so, very interested. Thanks,
Looking to cover or replace the KIA emblems on your Palisade? Look no further than right here in our own forum store - where orders are shipped immediately!


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Edited: July 15, 2020: The second batch will be shipping approximately July 30th. Purchase an arm rest now if you want one from the next batch. The product page is below:

By now you've probably heard about these very popular armrest extensions for the Hyundai Palisade. The pieces we sell here are made by Amban and are of very high quality. They offer added comfort and a more expensive look to the interior of your SUV. They’re made in South Korea by Aimban and are available in black, dark red and light grey.

For those interested in the colors that are currently available, you can find them in our store here: Luxury Quilted Design for Palisade Armrest

I'm working with the manufacturer to create a NAPPA BEIGE version so that you don't need to buy the grey and spray paint it the color you want. If you're interested, please add your name to this list:


There will likely be a high minimum order quantity for the manufacturer to make this happen. We need as many Palisade owners on board as possible. Please share this post on social media or wherever you know there are Palisade owners who may be interested. Thank you very much!