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Rough riding


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It seems my 2020 limited, AWD is rough riding. on one section of highway my palisade Limited at 65 MPH shook so bad that if I had false teeth they would have come out. My daughter was driving her new Dodge Journey in front of me and didn't feel any vibration with her vehicle. It also feels like my palisade has been riding a lot rougher. The tire pressure is at 35 lbs, so it is not the pressure. I am having my tires inspected and balanced and if that doesn't improve things I am taking it to the dealer. My vehicle has 29,000 miles on it and seems to have a vibration/ growling noise when I first start to travel in the morning.


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El Paso, TX
It's probably the dreaded AWD vibration, unfortunately. Not a pleasant experience to get it corrected. As far as tire pressure, the TPMS is dead on accurate, so check it as soon as you start rolling on cold tires, to make sure your gauge is accurate (mine is calibrated). I set my tires at 36, so I don't have to keep airing them every week, and when I'm done, TPMS shows 36 on all 4 tires (it goes up after more use, obviously). Good luck.