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    G-266222 replied to the thread 3 System Warnings.
    How much did they charge?
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    G-403183 replied to the thread Aftermarket lock for Glove Box.
    I use a locking glove box to put my gun when it goes in for service or vala parking. Yes a real thief would brake the door off & cause...
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    G-209377 replied to the thread 2022 Deliveries.
    I paid MSRP at a local dealer to me. Some dealers near DC were asking $5k-$8k over MSRP.
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    G-530142 replied to the thread "What's New for 2022: Hyundai" Article.
    Hyundai does not own LG at any level. As Eric posted above, they once bought LG semiconductors from LG then spun it off into its own...
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    G-484377 replied to the thread "What's New for 2022: Hyundai" Article.
    No, Hyundai at any level does not own any part of LG. As Eric posted above, they once bought LG semiconductors, then spun that off into...
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    G-622396 replied to the thread Bad Smelling Interior In My Palisade.
    Thank you for your information! The gv80 is one sweet ride!!!
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    G-620025 replied to the thread Installing Power Lift gate.
    No, I’m still looking around. Buying OEM electric support bars is not an option because it is way too expensive ($800/each bar) +...
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    G-452596 replied to the thread Recent buyers - price paid compared to MSRP ?.
    Wow I feel ashamed with everyone paying below msrp. I paid 5k OVER msrp for white Caligraphy. But I am in Seattle area and dealers...
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    G-842338 replied to the thread SEL Premium vs Calligraphy.
    Not sure which model have but one moon roof only, 2020, white/tan interior. Do not have left/right display it is center. Still have...
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    G-263116 replied to the thread Heads up display and sunglasses.
    Try turning the display color to White. It works with my polarized sunglasses.
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    G-592241 replied to the thread Should I keep my Palisade or trade it in?.
    Call Hyundai customer service and explain the problems they will document everything and contact the dealer they will handle it and...
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    G-876601 replied to the thread Bad Smelling Interior In My Palisade.
    Thanks Eric! The BBB complaint process should be uniform but there may be differences in the Lemon Law qualifiers from state to state...
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    I was told it didn’t work because of the serial number of my radio. So why can’t I get Hyundai to put in a radio with a different serial...
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    G-173025 replied to the thread Windshield replacement.
    Safelite said they can not calibrate it... did you have it calibrated at dealership?
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    If you have the beige with dark brown interior, get the beige armrest. If you have the beige with navy interior, get the light grey armrest.